Javascript developer for Silicon Valley startup
Místo: Praha Úvazek: Full-time Typ firmy: Střední firma (do 50 lidí) Plat: 100000+ Kč / měsíc

Sapho, Inc.

Join Sapho, Silicon Valley startup with fresh $9,500,000 in funding!


What do we need?

We are looking for additional talented frontend-Javascript developers for our Prague office (right in the middle of Václavské náměstí). Whether you come from an agency, startup or freelance, following words might sound familiar: ES6, ESLint, Git, JiraWebpack, REST, TDD, Observer pattern, Redux, Virtual DOM, etc.

 What can we offer?

Besides very relaxed work environment, we offer exceptional salary, flexible working hours, pure startup culture, no corporate BS, new challenge every day and of course all the usual stuff (vacations, coffee, sick-days, team-buildings, etc.).

 We have plenty of space for both junior and senior developers so don’t hesitate and send us your CV or LinkedIn!


Sapho, Inc.
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Sapho is the industry’s first micro application development and integration platform. It allows organizations to build secure micro apps, on top of existing enterprise systems, that provide employees with proactive insights and one-click task completion from a personalized Facebook-like feed available on any device, through a single unified app, browser, email, or messaging client.